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How to Watch US Open Golf Live Stream 2019 Online

Are you looking for a way to watch us open golf 2019 live streaming online? You have come to the right place since we’re going to share with you how to watch US Open Golf 2019 online.

Not to mention that USGA will also provide the official US Open Golf Live Stream channel from the US Open on the digital platforms. You could either use the service through your browser, or use the US Open App through your mobile phone. Keep in mind that what we’ve mentioned are not the only options that you can choose. There are a lot of options out there that might be suitable with your preferences. Luckily, you’ve visited this page. We are going to explore all the options for you.

us open golf 2019 live stream

When and where is US Open Golf 2019?

The location of US Open Golf 2019 is at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California. The big event will be the 119th US Open, scheduled from June 13th and ended in 19th of June. Pebble Beach Golf Links is a golf course on the west coast of the United States, located in Pebble Beach, California.

2019 US Open Golf Schedule

The main event itself will happen from June 13-16 at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California.

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4

( 2019 US Open Golf Schedule will be update here, stay tune with us, Thanks)

US Open Golf TV Rights 2019

FOX is the main broadcaster right holder of the US Open Golf 2019. The US Open Golf 2019 will be the fourth US Open that appoints FOX and FOX Sports parent network to broadcast all the matches in 4 rounds.

In total, FOX will be airing 45 hours of US Open coverage live from Pebble Beach Golf Links . If you have been using FOX for a while, you are in luck. You will be able to watch the whole US Open Golf Live Streaming right from your favorite channel.

US Open 2019 TV Schedule

Thursday June 13, 20197:30p-10:30p ET12:30p-7:30p ET
Friday June 14, 20197:30p-10:30p ET12:30p-7:30p ET
Saturday June 15, 201912:00p-10:00p ET
Sunday June 16, 20192:00p-10:00p ET

FOX is the parent channel of the Fox Sports. It goes without saying that you are able to enjoy the matches right from Fox Sports as well. Its live coverage plans for the US Open Golf 2019 will be a viable choice for all folks around the world. But the difference is that when you stick to Fox Sports, you have more than 150 hours of coverage across the nine championships, including the US Open Golf. The Fox Sports itself allows you to have the 45 hours of coverage from the US Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

The sectional qualifying show 2019 will be available on FS1.

For those who want to watch from their favorite device by US Open Golf Live Stream coverage, you could stick to Fox Sports Go. It is an official channel that you’d like to uphold. However, there’s a chance that you might not be able to get it in your location, because of the marketing limitation or so. In additional streaming, there will be two featured groups and a featured holes channel. You could watch these supplemental events at the official US Open channel and the US Open app. During the first and second rounds of the event, you could also view them all from US Open official site and US Open App.

All in all, the US Open will air in more than 190 countries on six continents. So, you won’t need to worry about the live coverage in your area. You will be able to watch it. Fox Sports has proven their commitment to expand the viewing experience to the world. There will be massive live coverage options for the US Open 2019 at Pebble Beach Golf Links.

How to Watch 2019 US Open Golf Live Online

Besides the TV Channel that we’ve mentioned above, you can also watch the US Open Golf 2019 live online. One of the major championships in golf sport has enormous amount of online viewers since the US Open Golf 2019 Live Stream service was introduced back then.

The huge community of the golf lovers won’t want to miss it no matter where they are. Each year the prestigious competition gets tougher and tougher. It goes without a saying that the US Open Golf 2019 is the opportunity for the professionals and amateurs to participate. As the name suggests, it is open for all. The good thing about this fantastic event is that you can watch it anywhere, at anytime.

On Cable

All the 2019 US Open will be available live on FOX, your smartphone, computer, or tablet, and other compatible entertainment devices. To watch it, you could turn your TV on and tune in FOX channel or Fox Sports. Or, you could also use your credentials to watch it from your neighbor’s device, your friends’ device, or any other compatible device.

If you prefer to use your browser, you could hover to its official page and watch the US Open Golf Live Stream 2019 from there.

For certain live streams access, you may need to disclose your cable or satellite login information. Keep in mind that you can only share your credentials to the official providers.

As mentioned before, the official broadcaster for the US Open Golf 2019 is FOX Network. The 4 Days Championship event will be available on the FOX and FOX Sports 1 (FS1). If you are already FOX subscriber, then it is very easy to watch right on your favorite devices. You could view the spectacle on your TV or by using the service called FOX Live TV from the official website.

Without a cable

Your best shots to enjoy the US Open Golf 2019 is by watching it via Media Streaming Services. Sometimes it is hefty experience to purchase the cable tv service for watching just a single event. That option might not be the best thing that you could get. However, you will want to make out of worth your penny.

If you are like many other sport fans, your best way is to cut the cord to watch your favorite sport show when and where you want. The good thing about media streaming services is that you are not obligated to be loyal to one single cable TV provider.

To watch the US Open Golf 2019, there are many options out there. You will be surprised once you see what we’ve listed below. The cord-cutting services are indeed the cost-effective way to enjoy your favorite sport from your favorite devices. So, without further ado, check out these providers.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is undoubtedly the best provider for this stuff. Since it was introduced back then, it has been providing such fantastic streaming services to all folks around the world. It has grown the user base with more than a hundred live TV channels, including FOX sports channels that you can tune in to enjoy the US Open Golf 2019. DirecTV Now comes with various packages that you’ll have the freedom to choose. DirecTV is not limited only to your Smart TV. The provider designs this in order to expand the availability to most popular devices like Amazon Fire TV to Roku and Android to iOS, or any other device that will work with it. However, streaming service is limited to the US-based viewers. You can somehow nail the connection with the help of the VPN service (will be explained later).

Sling TV

The use of popular media streaming platforms has been the trend for the past five years, although folks have been using it since more than a decade ago.

With the help of the Sling TV, folks will have no limitation to choose the program that they want to watch. There will be no restrictions of who can watch the spectacle through this service. As we know, certain formal providers only make the service available in selected markets. But with the help of Sling TV, it does not seem to be a problem anymore.

There are no restrictions that you should worry about. Okay, let’s get going for the US Open Live Stream.

Sling TV offers its new customers a 7-day free trial that is worth your time and sources. With the 7 day free trial, you can use this opportunity to watch the US Open Golf 2019 for free, regarding that the event happens in 4 days. Chances are you will be able to enjoy the US Open Golf 2019 without US IP Address. The free trial also gives you the opportunity to assess the feature of the media streaming services. You will have enough time before deciding to upgrade your account or not. But all in all, you can watch the championship for free using the 7 day free trial.

PlayStation Vue

If you are console users, you could really use the option here. The PlayStation Vue has been evolving from time to time to deliver the better service with Live TV, Sports, News, Movies, and many more. This offers some of the greatest channels to watch sports channels like FOX, CBS, ESPN, and many more. FOX is the channel that you would want to pick from this service. PlayStation Vue comes with such great advantage in which you can select your own channel. To enjoy the service, you only need your console device and decent connection to enjoy US Open Golf 2019 Live.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV has been around for years. In its beta version, the viewers had shown their greatest satisfaction because it provided such fantastic service. It is not a temporary, however. Since then, they have been providing such excellent live streaming service for all folks around the world.

It has been one of the most popular choices because it provides 50+ Live and on-demand channels with the ability to stream in two screens at the same time. Imagine how fantastic it can be when you see the different shows at the same time from your favorite devices. You could also record more than 50 hours of the Cloud DVR to stream on any of your compatible devices. Hulu with Live TV includes US Open Golf coverage in its package. So, it is only natural that it is one of the prominent choices that you can find in the market.

Sky Sports

For English viewers, you have the freedom to choose either FOX network of Sky Sports. Both of them are English-spoken channels and you can’t go wrong with these options. All users want to watch US Open 2019 in the language they understand. But sometimes, some would prefer the British commentary. If you do so, you could pick Sky Sports as your provider instead. But in order to enjoy the US Open Golf 2019 Live Stream service from this provider, you will need to subscribe to Sky Sports or Sky Sports Go. The packages offers are based on the time you want to enjoy the service like daily, weekly, or monthly passes.

US Open Golf 2019 Live Stream Free

Can I watch US Open Golf 2019 Live online free? Yes! You can watch US Open Golf online free via two ways.

  1. US Open Golf live coverage on FOX Sports and FuboTV has right to Streaming FOX Sports Content officially. So, you get free access of US Open Golf 2019 via FuboTV Free trial package.
  2. There are some free streaming website they also provide free golf streaming but those sites are full of Ads and virus, it can harm your device. So we don’t recommend it.

How to watch US Open Golf 2019 online on app?

There are a lot of apps (both free and paid) offered in the internet. However, we’d like to suggest you to focus only on the official apps that have the right to broadcast the US Open Golf 2019 matches. Amongst them, obviously, you can’t go wrong with the apps from FOX Network. To enjoy it through Fox Network, you will need to download and install Fox Sports Go app to your compatible devices. After installing, you will directly access the FOX Sports Go and FOX channel to catch up with the matches.

By then, you can watch the 2019 US Open online even before the main event happens. The USGA’s first-ever Celebration of Champions, for instance, starts on the Tuesday of Championship week. You can enjoy US Open Golf 2019 Live through the app.

US Open 2019 Streaming Channels List: Outside of USA

Chances are you will be able to watch the US Open Golf 2019 through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit for free. But keep in mind that these streaming services are mostly poor and unstable.

You can also see the spectacle through free streaming sites but most of them are loaded with popups and ads that will bother your viewing experience.

Your best option will be streaming from the official site of the provider. From the Shinnecock hills Golf Club, you just need to visit USGA US Open official website to enjoy the streaming service. For FOX users, you could hover to the official websites of FOX. Make sure you update your browser so that you will be able to use the streaming service maximally.

Here is the channel list of others countries:

  • United Kingdom – Available on Sky Sports (UK)
  • United States – Available on Fox Sports
  • Canada – Available on TSN
  • Australia – Available on Fox Sports
  • New Zealand – Available on Sky Sport (NZ)

How to watch US Open Golf 2019 online on Smartphone or Tablet?

While the championship will happen from June 14, the celebration of the champion starts even before that. So, you’d want to note your calendar and time so that you won’t miss the spectacle. The event coverage can be enjoyed right through your smartphone or tablet.

Fox Sports Go Apps are available in both Play Store and iTunes. All you need to do is to download the application, and install it in your favorite device.

Meanwhile, you could also use the Livestream. This service is available for your iPhone, iPad, AirPlay to Apple TV. The best thing of it, free of cost! The livestream of the US Open Golf is available in this official site. However, you should understand that they only cover few of the matches. It does not include all of the coverage.

USGA itself has mobile apps that you can use to catch up with Open Golf 2019. for instance, the US Open Mobile Apps provides you three channels of live video, real-time scoring, player highlights, news, updates, and many more. The US Open Mobile Apps are available for both iOS and Android.

If you are an iPad user, you could make use of the US Open iPad App. Download the US Open iPad app and install it to experience witnessing your favorite champions in action. It also provides you three channels of US Open Golf Live Stream coverage, highlights, live scoring, updates, news, and many more.

If you are curious about the USGA Rules of Golf, you could also download “Rules of Golf ” App for iOS and Android.

How to Stream US Open Golf online on Xbox or PlayStation Vue?

For Xbox One users, you will have the great option to enjoy the US Open Golf 2019 through Fox Sports Go’s streaming app. However, you will need your Fox credentials to access the live streaming access in Xbox One.

Fox Sports Go is the major streaming platform for the festivity. The apps of Fox Sports Go is now available on Xbox One. That means you just need to download and install it on your device. Fox Sports Go gives you the access to watch US Open Golf 2019 Live and on-demand videos live from the venue of US Open Golf.

To get US Open Golf Live Stream service sports on your PlayStation Vue, the Live Local TV needs to be broadcasting in your area. Indeed, it is a geo-restricted service that not all folks can enjoy. Whether you are going to watch the US Open Golf on-demand or live, you need to make sure that your location is included in the area of coverage. But if your location is not in the market, you could use the VPN service to change your IP address.

You could keep in mind that PlayStation Vue offers Fox Sports Channels as well. So, you will definitely be able to watch the US Open Golf right from your favorite device.

How to Watch US Open 2019 Live From Anywhere

If you are not living in the selected market areas, you don’t need to worry. You could use the cord-cutting services that we’ve mentioned above. The problem with these services is that you also need to find the right provider that offers the service at your location. For instance, Fox and Sling TV are geo-restricted service. Only US viewers who are able to enjoy the service. But you can use these options to be eligible to use the service.

Using VPN

You will need to use good VPN service to change your current IP address to something more uniques based on the market you pinpoint. For instance, you’d like to use Sling TV. Since it is mostly available for the US viewers, you could switch your IP to the US IP. The provider will then detect the US IP rather than original IP. That explains why you can use the services we mentioned above with the help of the VPN. Some of the best VPN services are Express VPN, Private VPN, Cyberghost, Nordvpn, and so on.

Using Smart DNS Proxies

Or, you could use Smart DNS Proxies to open the access to all of those service. The good thing about this option is that you don’t need to install any software, or conduct complicated procedure. It is easy to set up and use. Keep in mind to stick only to the best Smart DNS Proxies providers for better experience in viewing.

US Open Golf 2019 Prize Money

The current US Open Golf 2019 Prize Money is predicted to increase than the last year. As we know, the 2018 payouts was $12 million in total. The winner attained $2.6 Million, Runner-up attained $1.3 million.

US Open Golf 2018 Winners

The previous US Open Golf was the 118th US Open and held on June 14-17, 2018 at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Shinnecock Hills, New York. The winner was Brooks Koepka

Final Thought

There you have them! The choices of watching US Open Golf 2019 spectacle online. Make sure that you bookmark all of the options. Or you can manage tickets ahead of time. Don’t miss this spectacular show!