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The Legal Way to Get US Open Golf 2019 Tickets

US Open Golf 2019 is one of the most exciting spectacles of the year. It will stop not only the US but also many other countries around the world to witness the spectacular events. It is the second of the tournaments of the golf. The final of the competition will take place on the third Sunday of June which also happens to be the Father’s day in the US.

us open golf 2019 tickets

The tournament is indeed an intense discourse to see because all the best players across the countries will try the best to get the peak. The competition is distinctive for the tight scoring which is either at or roughly par by the leaders. Of course, all of the golf fans would like to have the same opportunities in watching the match live right by the venue. The energy and excitement that comes from witnessing the action right at the venue are rarely enjoyable by viewers watching from the screen.

You can catch all the action by reserving your seats. Purchase the tickets from the official site of the US Open Golf. Keep in mind that the prices are variable depending on the seating plan you choose. The US Open Golf Tickets start from $37. You will want to look at the different seat plan to get your best seat.

Visit the official website to look at the ticket prices details and discounts. You can even get the discount by using Event 18, which is the last minute sales of discounted tickets. You can get up to 70% from that offer. But keep in mind that the available seats might not be as good as the others. Event 18 is open when the date is around the corner. So, the early sales of the tickets might come more expensive. But even Event 18 will deliver such great tickets. These will be selling like hot cake. That’s why you will need to prepare yourself to be fast enough to get the tickets you want.

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Who Will Possibly Win the US Open 2018?

Who Will Win the US Open 2018?

And, it is happening again. The best players around the US and other places come to the most prestigious competitive golf championship, the US Open 2018. The previous US Open in 2004, some folks probably remember about the things that got out of hand.

Those who followed what happened back then should remember that the seventh green became nearly unplayable. At that time, USGA was responsible for that situation. Of course, this makes the folks involved in the Shinnecock and the USGA itself want to redeem themselves. Many fans are also feeling consolidated because this year’s US Open will happen at the Shinnecock Hills. Besides, the players come to the hills to search for a major. They want to attain the crown. They want to impress everyone involved with the trophy.

When it comes to the prediction, you will hear about several names that must be familiar for you. You will recognize some of the names.

The first name to be mentioned is Dustin Johnson. Why will he win? The reason is obvious. He managed to position himself in the no.1 ranking after winning at FedEx St. Jude Classic. The US Open will be a prevalent championship for his skill set. He will not miss here.

The next name to mention is Dustin Johnson. He has the winning score of 4 under. You may be familiar with Rory Mcilroy, Adam Scott, Jordan Spieth, and Jason Day failed to accomplish the no.1 ranking back. There’s a sensible reason for this. They want the title so badly. Meanwhile, Dustin Johnson does not seem to care much about the no.1 world golfer title and win the tournaments. It is not like he is losing motivation, etc. But that is also the reason why he does win so much.

DJ seems not to care at all. He is arguably the most passionate golfer who can win the tournament easily. Probably, many golfers are burdened with what people say. Meanwhile, DJ does not seem to be bothered with those words at all.

The next one is Jason Day. His winning score is 7 under. Shinnecock will be the favorite place for the hitter. Statistics show that Jason Day is one of the longest hitters on tour.

And then, we’ll have Justin rose with the winning score of 6 under. Being ranked the third in the world, of course, it is the sign of the potent that he could be winning. Not to mention that he ever tasted the winning back in 2013 at US Open championship. He has been showing his great performance over the past six months. These numbers are not lying. He has the length and precision needed to be the winner at Shinnecock.

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Rickie Fowler comes as the next potent winner. His winning score is 4 under. Fowler is ready to win a big one. Period. If we may add an x-factor, Allison Stokke, his girlfriend, is engaged with him. This should put him in such a motivated state.

Then there’s rory Mcilroy that has winning score 3 under. Why he’ll win? He has the “thing” to win the championship. As we know, Shinnecock Hills can be unforgiving. Even the slightest mistake can jeopardize the achievement. Driving the ball with length and accuracy is not something common for most golfers. Mcilroy has shown the strengths for it. He has what he need to win. Many experts agree that the maximum performance or A-game of Mcllroy can be better than other golfers’ A-game.

Justin Thomas has the even par for the winning score. He has the skill set needed to be a winner too. His winning score is 3 under. Thomas has such potents to win for Shinnecock. His strength and accuracy are well enough to make other competitors stunned. He is accountable, maleficent, and marvelous.

With such names, you might have been predicting the best scenario. Now it is time to consider what you are going to do to wager your money. Consider these predictions to make your spectacle more interesting.

What People Say About Shinnecock’s Traffic

Tiger Woods said a lot of things about the upcoming big golf event namely US Open 2018. Amongst the factors that he’s been speaking of, he said something about the Shinnecock’s traffic. He said that the traffic was so bad that players might miss the tee times.

Shinnecock’s Traffic

What Tiger Woods said about the traffic is not exaggerating at all. However, you shouldn’t see this as a big problem because the crew will be doing the best to overcome the traffic nightmare.

Woods, in the other side, stated the risk to be a bit late. There were few guys who did activities there said that it took around 2 1/2 to 3 hours from the hotel to the Shinnecock field. If that happens in the US Open Golf days, then there will be a chance that many players are missing their tee time. Not to mention that the traffic can affect the player’s moods and motivation. Well, if you are playing for the big event, and there is this traffic that prevents you from arriving in time, you might be frustrated too.

Back then in the two practice days at the Shinnecock Hills, the traffic has dominated the tournament conversation between the participants and people around. Well, the players are not the only side who are at risks. What we’ve seen in the social media is that many people are complaining about the Long Island logistics.

There are many parties who are concerning this condition, including the attendances, media, fans, and crowd. The parkways have turned into the parking lots. Those who are in the inside the Magellan on side roads have reported that they had failed expeditions. In the early mornings, however, the traffic is not so bad. So, if you are planning to attend the venue to watch your favorite golfer in action, you could consider waking up earlier and arriving earlier.

The current weekdays, people are calling in the Shinnecock staff and look for the insiders’ information. Most of them are discussing the same topic: the traffic to Shinnecock. People have been asking about whether there was an accident. Apparently, there was none. It is just the crowded traffic. The Southampton Town police officer has also been receiving the similar phone from the folks. Some folks who were commuting to work gave up and went home. Well, you can imagine how can it worsen when the event is happening. So, again, we note that it is very important to wake up earlier and hit the road early in the morning if you don’t want to miss the spectacle at Shinnecock Hills.

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Although the local authority has confirmed that the area surrounding Southampton will be cleared for the event, you cannot exclude the possibility of the traffic jam. You might not be from Southampton. You might be from other city. So, it is very important to come days or hours in advance.

If you have booked a hotel and stay nearby the Southampton, you are ahead of other people. You will be able to avoid the craziness on the “H” day. You might be difficult in finding ride-sharing service because a bunch of folks will use their favorite apps to get the transportation. if you want to do that, make sure you contact your driver early in the morning.

To avoid the traffic nightmares, Woods stated that he was going to use his yacht to come. He called his yacht as a dinghy, while the size is not small at all. His privacy would be docked in nearby Sag Harbor this week. This is to avoid the traffic jam that may happen sooner than later. Tiger confirmed during his US Open press conference that Privacy is indeed docked in the Sag Harbor. He said that Sag Harbor was a cute little town.

Woods stated that he did not have enough time to walk around the town. With the privacy and luxury of the youth, it can be the biggest advantage of Woods. It is undeniable that Long Island developers have been rushing to develop the hotels and infrastructure to accommodate the upcoming event. Media members are often complaining about the travel and accommodations. That is not a new thing anymore. Some folks may stall over 3 hours. So, make sure you have a plan not to miss the spectacle.

2018 U.S Open Golf Tournament Preview and Predictions

Finally, the wait is over for golf fans. The date is set and the players have confirmed their participation. The challenging Shinnecock Hills Golf course is ready to host all the big names in golf ranging from the legend Tiger Woods to recent champions such as Rory Macllroy and Dustin Jonson. While it is true that no one can tell straight away who will win this year’s tournament, all we can do is preview and predict the most likely outcomes. In this article, we take you through the 2018 U.S open golf preview and predictions.

2018 U.S Open Golf Tournament Preview and Predictions

The 2018 U.S Open Golf Preview

As aforementioned, the wait is finally over as the 2018 U.S Open is finally here. Many golf competitions take place throughout the year in most parts of the world. However, none comes close to the U.S Open golf tournament. The tournament is not only famous because of the huge prizes involved but also because of the bragging rights at stake. Every top golfer is keen on winning the tournament.

Some of the top players that have already confirmed their participation include Dustin Johnson, Rory Mcllroy, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Justin Thomas, Justin Rose, Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm and Brooks Koepka. All these players will be hoping to display their A games and hope that they are good enough to beat their competitors and clinch the title.

U.S Open Golf Predictions

Basing on different factors such as current form, ability to play on different grounds, what the bookies say and experience, we have come up with a list of our predictions below:

Dustin Johnson

It may come as a surprise to many but Dustin Johnson is one to watch in the 2018 U.S open golf tournament. After putting on a stunning performance recently at St. Jude Classic, Dustin Johnson once more indicated that he is a force to reckon. Jonson clinched the title on Sunday with a final score of 19-under and 6 shots ahead of his closest competitor. This result took him to the number one position; therefore, he will try to defend his place at Shinnecock hills when the time comes.
Dustin Johnson’s formidable form will help him move quicker when it comes to the longer pars in a yard that stretches to up to about 7,500 yards. All that he needs to do is keep his nerves when he approaches the greens and the title will be his.

Rory McIlroy

Anybody who knows his golf well knows that Rory McIlroy has a very good chance of winning this year’s competition. Even though he recently won the Arnold Palmer Invitational, many golf lovers still think that he has the habit of coming in second when it really matters. However, we think that with his experience, he has the ability to win it all this time round. If anything, Rory won the competition in 2011 for the first time and continued to do so even when the odds were not on his side.

Tiger Woods

Even the bookies do not think that Tiger Woods has a shot in this year’s tournament. In fact, most of them are giving him a 20-1 chance of winning the competition. However, looking at Woods closely and assuming all other factors remain constant, you will notice that he still has a chance of regaining his once dazzling form. Look at it this way, yes; Tiger Woods won his last U.S open tournament in 2008. However, we should not forget that he is a 14- time major champion. The last time he was in Shinnecock Hills was in 2004 where he finished in a lowly 17th place. He would be looking to have a better record on the ground more than a decade later.

Let us also not forget that Tiger Woods knows how to perform in the big stage. Until today, it is his 15- stroke win in 2000 at Pebble Beach that goes down as the largest margin victory in U.S open history. This will most definitely give his competitors a run for their money.

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Brooks Koepka

Brooks Koepka is the current U.S Open defending champion. However, many things do not currently run in his favor, especially his visits to the Shinnecock Hills. For instance, in the 3 of his five starts there, he has finished in position 30 or below. Moreover, he has struggled in recent competitions such as Jude Classic and Wells Fargo (he finished at position 42 by the way). On the other hand, we cannot totally rule out Brooks from the competition. The fact that he won it once shows that he is capable of bouncing back from all his mysteries and clinching the title once again.

Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler has been a constant contender in all of the last four competitions without getting over the line. Many times he has come so close! However, will he be able to get over the line this time? Will he clinch the 2018 U.S open golf tournament title? We think he has a reasonable chance of doing it. His best position in the competition is third, so he can go two positions up this year to win the title.

The 2018 U.S golf open promises to provide the golf fans with a bit of everything. There will be surprises, disappointments and joys. With all the talents that we have in the sport of golf today, it is very hard to tell straight away who will emerge as the winner of the U.S open tournament given that it has a lot at stake.


The 2018 U.S open golf tournament is already over. Starting this Thursday, golf fans from all over the world will head to the Shinnecock Hills where the event will be taking place. For those who will not make it to the venue, they will remain glued to their televisions and live stream sites just so they can catch up with the events live. As aforementioned, it is very hard to pick the winner at the moment given that a lot of stars will be participating in this year’s championships. From Rory McILroy to Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler, the tournament will have a bit of everything.

TV Channels Broadcasting US Open Golf 2018 Championship

For the golf lovers all over the world, it is that time of the year again where we converge to witness one of the greatest open golf tournaments ever. The US open golf tournament is famous for all the right reasons as it attracts the best players of the sport. With the tournament schedule already out, we anticipate a great tournament from celebrated players such as Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, Dustin Jonson, Jason Day and Sergio Garcia amongst other greats.

TV Channels Broadcasting US Open Golf 2018

When is the Tournament?

Before looking at the channel lists of broadcasters that will be airing this tournament, it is important to note that the event will commence on June 12 and end on June 17. Throughout this time, golf lovers will have a treat of a lifetime with the event organizers insisting that this year’s tournament will be much better that those held in the previous years. The main broadcaster of this tournament will also incorporate the greatest and latest technology to make viewing possible for fans all over the world.

TV Coverage

The US Open Golf 2018 TV will be aired by Fox and Fox sports 1 as has been the case in the last 4 years. If anything, predicting that Fox would be in charge this time round again was as easy as it got. This comes to the surprises of none so if you cannot find your way to the field, you know where to catch the full tournament.
For formality reasons, Fox recently announced that it was going to air the entire US open golf 2018 tournament. The broadcasting house also released its list of US open 2018 TV channels list so that nobody gets confused. Fox will have more than 2150 hours of coverage across the nine championships. There will also be more than 45 hours of coverage straight from the Shinnecock Hills.

How to Watch the Tournament

Once again, if you cannot make it to Shinnecock hills, you can catch this event live on Fox Sports. The broadcasting house has already released a schedule of the events that it will air. With this, you can fix your schedule to match those of the tournament just so you can relive every moment live.

However, if you cannot access Fox sports, you do not have to worry. You can steam the tournament live from your Fox app from anywhere in the world. if anything, the USGA recently announced that it would provide some official links where golf lovers from all over the globe can stream the tournament live. All you have to do is ensure that you have a steady internet connection, an internet enabled device and you are ready to go.

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U.S Open Golf 2018 Tournament Schedule

According to the information provided by fox sports, the tournament will follow the following airing schedule:

  • On June 14, the tournament will air from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on FS1. FOX will then take over from 4 pm to 7:30 pm.
  • On Friday, June 15, airing will begin at 10 in the morning and end at 4 in the evening. FOX will then take over to around 7:30 pm.
  • On Saturday, June 16, broadcast will begin at 11 in the morning until 7:30 pm. This will be live on FOX sports.
  • Sunday, June 17 see the airing of the tournament starting at 10 in the morning and ending at 7:30 in the evening.

You can also stream the tournament live at or the Fox Sports Go App. Depending on your region, however, find the best streaming website that works for you. The main aim at the end of the day is not to miss a single moment of the tournament.

While at it, it is important to note that all the times indicated above are all in ET. If you reside in a region that lies in a different time zone, it is important to know the exact times to avoid disappointments. As mentioned earlier, the U.S open tournament is not one to miss for any golf lover.


The U.S open golf 2018 tournament promises to thrill golf lovers all over the world. With the program already out, FOX sports, which is the main broadcaster of the tournament, has released its schedule as well. If you cannot make it to the field, you can watch these matches from the comfort of your home.