Watch US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream Online from Anywhere

Follow this guide and find out how to watch the US Open golf live stream online from anywhere. 2021 US Open Golf dates, tee times, Schedule, TV Coverage, Tickets, Winners and more info.

NBC will air the festivity from Torrey Pines Golf Course (South Course), San Diego, California. So, wherever you are, you should not miss to watch US Open Golf 2021 Live right from your favorite screen.

US Open Golf 2021 Live

US Open Golf 2021 Overview

DatesThu, June 17, 2021 – Sun, June 20, 2021
LocationSan Diego, California
Course(s)Torrey Pines Golf Course
TV ChannelNBC Sports
Live StreamWatch Here

The US Open Golf 2021 Schedule is fast approaching, and you will want to know all the details on watching us open golf live stream. The 120th edition of the US Open Golf 2021 schedule can’t be more fantastic than this one because Tiger Woods is still lurking in the shadows.

U.S. Open Golf 2021 Schedule and TV Channel?

The schedule will start from Thursday, June 17, 2021, to Sunday, June 20, 2021.

Thursday, June 17First RoundNBC2-5 pm ET
Friday, June 18Second RoundNBC4-7 pm ET
Saturday, June 19Third RoundNBC11 am – 7:30 pm ET
Sunday, June 20Final RoundNBCNoon – 6 pm ET

The USGA announced Monday that it is moving the US Open and its media rights to NBC and they end the deal with Fox Sports.

So viewer can watch NBC, Golf Channel, GOLFNow and GOLFPASS.

How to Watch US Open Golf 2021 Live Online?

Watching US Open Golf online is easy and straightforward. If you already have a cable subscription, all you need to do is just opening the NBC Sports or Golf Channel app and use your credentials to watch US Open Golf live stream from any device you want. The 121th edition of the US Open Championship will have this channel providing online coverage for viewers around the world.

US Open 2021 Live Stream Official Options

This year you can watch US Open Golf live online from Golf Channel. It is the official live streaming service from NBC which provides the viewers with Golf Channel, GOLFNow and GOLFPASS.

However, the availability of the channels will depend on the select markets. Before installing your NBC or Golf Channel app, you will want to check if your current location is eligible to use the specific streaming service or not. If you already subscribe to a cable, then, you need to use your credentials to access the NBC.

2021 US Open Golf Live Streaming Services

If you have cut your cord or ditched your cable, then the only available option to watch the 2021 us open golf live online without cable is by live streaming services.


FuboTV is one of the most renowned live streaming services which offers the sports contents, show, entertainment, series, and many other fabulous substances. It provides more than eighty channels in its entry-level live streaming package. That includes the 21 regional sports networks across the U.S. It is also the first live streaming service that offers sports contents in 4K HDR.

If your location is included in the market, you won’t meet any difficulty to tune in NBC Sports. FuboTV focuses on sporting channels, including NBC Sports. Its “Fubo” package is enough to get you the coverage of U.S. Open Golf, The Masters Golf 2020 and more . But you need to consider checking the availability of the channel in your location before proceeding.

Subscribers get 30 hours of cloud DVR that allows you to record any games in the U.S. Open Golf. In case you’re missing a specific date, it can come in handy. The subscription costs $65 per month. It allows you to install the other three dozens of app, improving your experience in live streaming. FuboTV is also compatible with Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and others. You could see the complete list of compatible devices in its official site.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the top rated choice amongst the budget conscious people. It is the least expensive way to watch us open golf 2021 live stream from your favorite devices. If you are focusing on NBC Sports, you could pick Sling Blue which costs you only $25 per month. It offers over 45 premium channels, including NBC Sports. In select markets, you can also enjoy the NBC affiliate as well.

Since it is much cheaper than other live streaming services, it does not come with free cloud DVR. You can, however, get the 50 hours of cloud DVR for $5 per month. But this number is nothing compared to other live streaming services. It is much cheaper than its competitors. Not to mention that you could use your cloud DVR service to record possible missing games in the U.S. Open Golf 2021. With your Sling TV credentials, you can sign in to the NBC app as well. If you are not familiar with this service, you could use its 7-days free trial to assess the features and services.

Hulu with Live TV

One of the best ways to watch NBC Sports is a live streaming service from Hulu. Hulu with Live TV has fantastic features and selective channels for you. By attaining Hulu with Live TV, you can get 65+ live channels with a lot of benefits. It only costs you $44.99 per month and already includes NBC, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, as well as FOX Stations.

Hulu with Live TV provides an excellent platform for all internet users. You can also use the credentials of Hulu to use the NBC app. But if you are not up to NBC app, using the Hulu platform is also a good idea. The Hulu platform also offers you the freedom to install apps to improve your live streaming experience.

Ordering Hulu with Live TV package grants you free 50 hours of Cloud DVR to give you the opportunity to record the missing games in U.S. Open Golf 2021. There’s also an on-demand streaming library with few commercials. Don’t worry, though; the businesses are not as annoying as standard ads. You can also use Hulu with Live TV in two devices at once. That means your kids or your wife can tune in their favorite channels. Gone are the days when there was bad blood over the remote control.

Just like other live streaming services, it comes with a catch over the selected market. You will want to make sure that your area is within their facility. Consider to visit the official site of Hulu, and choose “View all channels in your area.” Then insert your zip code to see the available channels in your location. Hulu with Live T.V. is also compatible with many devices, including Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, etc. You can also watch us open golf live stream on PC, iPhone, tablet, smartphone, as well as other Android devices. A free trial is also available in case you want to try the services first before making your purchase.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has fantastic features and compatibility. It only comes with only one live streaming package. With only $50 per month, the clients can access 50+ channels. The package already includes the Cloud DVR as well. The Cloud DVR is unlimited, with nine months expiration. NBC is also within the YouTube live T.V. streaming package.

YouTube TV also offers an on-demand library of shows and movies.


AT&T TV NOW Now includes NBC in most of the U.S. territories. But AT&T TV NOW is often not the best choice because of its hefty price. To get NBC Sports channel, you will need to subscribe to the new “MAX” package. DirecTV is available in some regional areas. You will want to check the availability of the service in its RSN search tool. Consider adding your zip code to see the available channels list in your area.

AT&T TV NOW also has a free trial that you can use in case you want to assess the services first before proceeding. It offers 7-days free trial until it fills you with the paid services.

PlayStation Vue

You can use PlayStation Vue live streaming service in select market areas in the U.S. To ensure that you will be able to tune in NBC Sports the users will need to visit official PlayStation Vue site. Then insert your zip code to see the available channels in your location. The clients will attain unlimited Cloud DVR once subscribing to the PlayStation Vue live streaming package. It also comes with 5-days free trial.

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How to watch the 2021 US Open live streaming free?

If you are subscribing to a cable, you can access NBC via FuboTV for free. Other than an app, you could also access the live streaming service through your favorite browser.

NBC Golf Pass official site offers the us open live streaming free (7-Days) as well as the relatable content of U.S. Open 2021.

If your current area is bumping the geo-restriction, the only solution left for you is to turn your VPN on.

How to watch US Open Golf Championship online on the app?

Download NBC app to watch U.S. Open Golf 2021 in your tablet or smartphone. The app makes it easier to watch NBC Sports live to stream no matter where you are. This service is also compatible with many types of device. It is pretty straightforward and easy.

Beside NBC app you can also enjoy it from Golf Channel, U.S Open Apps.

NBC App allows you to tune in any channel within the NBC Sports Network. You only need to use your cable credentials to get access to the service.

How to Live Stream US Open Golf on Mobile, Streaming Device and Consoles?

Watching US Open 2021 can be dynamic because you might want to follow the event when you are at home, office, or anywhere else. That means you can’t always rely on your PC or laptop to open the live streaming service. You can also use Mobile devices, TV boxes, streaming devices, as well as consoles in your live streaming services. Most of the renowned live streaming services allow the user to use their platforms incompatible devices.

How can I Stream US Open Championship outside of the USA?

The U.S. Open, although happening in the USA, attracting many golf sports lovers around the world. Therefore, it is not exaggerating to expect to watch the championship from anywhere you want. Whether you are living or traveling outside the U.S., you can always keep a tap on the U.S. Open Golf Championship. Here are the options you could consider.

United Kingdom

Those who are living or traveling in the U.K. can tune in Sky Sports to watch U.S. Open Golf games. Pick Sky Sports Golf channel to watch your favorite players. If you’re not going to be at the static place (home, office, hotel, etc.), you could download the Sky Go App on your smartphone or tablet.

Often, the cable is not an option because its price is hefty. If you have cut the cord, you could attain Sky Sports from Now T.V. Now T.V. costs 14 euros per week. It is more than you need to watch the full coverage of U.S. Open championship.


NBC has reserved the right of broadcasting U.S. Open championship 2021. The officials start the event at the right time. If you experience the blackout, consider turning your VPN on a connect to the U.S. server to unblock it.

Besides, the users also have the choice in subscribing to Golf Channel streaming service.

Kayo Sports streaming service is a common choice for both live and on-demand content. Kayo Sports Basic Package only costs $25 per month. It includes access to the top-rated sports contents, both live and demand. You can stream in two devices at the same time. That means you can watch U.S. Open while your mate tunes in another channel to watch her favorite show.

Whether you are choosing Kayo Sports or Foxtel, now, you can use the service wherever you are. The key here is to turn your VPN on when you are abroad.


Whether you are traveling or living in Canada, tune in TSN channel to watch U.S. Open 2021. It will start the coverage as early as possible. Not to mention that you can also view the preview before the event happens.


For viewers who are traveling or living in Spain, the most sensible option to watch US Open Golf Championship 2021 live stream is by picking the live streaming options. Amongst the options, you could choose FuboTV since you can easily tune in NBC through the live streaming platform. The catch with live streaming service is that they come with a geo-restriction policy, which is not logical for the cord cutters. That means when you are outside the live streaming services coverage area, it will be challenging to watch U.S. Open through your favorite device.

To bypass the geo-restriction, use the VPN service. Don’t use the free one from the third party sites. Focus on VPN services, which have a good reputation and reviews from previous clients. Subscribe to their package and install their app. After hat, you could connect to the US-based server and use the live streaming services.


Up until now, we haven’t seen any information which leads us to the France channel coverage. Whether you are living in France or traveling in the country, you won’t find the U.S. Open coverage in any of the local channels. However, live streaming services allow you to watch US Open Golf Championship 2021 live online HD Quality.

It works anywhere you go as long as you turn your VPN on. Live streaming services come with the geo-restriction policy, which prevents you from using their service outside the market area. But you can bypass this restriction by using your VPN to connect to the acceptable server. For instance, if you are using Sling T.V., you could connect to the US-based server to unblock the restriction. You don’t need to worry. You don’t break the rules when doing it.

How to Stream US Open 2021 live From Anywhere?

Streaming U.S. Open Golf from anywhere is possible if you have a decent VPN service. Here is the explanation.

Using VPN & Smart DNS Proxies

Broadcasters, whether they are a cable network or live streaming provider, attained the rights to show content in a specific region. That includes the options we have mentioned before. The geo-locking will block the users who come from blocked IP address. The blocked IP address usually comes from outside of the market area. So, if you are living outside of the required country, you won’t be able to use the service to watch US Open Golf live online. It is a must to connect to the VPN servers of the market location.

For instance, you could connect to the U.S. server to be able to use your Sling TV account. The explanation is simple. The U.S. server is required country for NBC Sports.

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Where can I watch us open practice rounds Live?

Before the actual event taking place, the avid fans of Golf would like to watch us open golf practice rounds live. You will have the opportunity to watch us open golf in the official site of the U.S. Open. Along with the option, you can also check the complete schedule at the site and pinpoint the practice rounds on your agenda. Chances are your favorite players also post the training schedule in their social media. From there, you could take advantage.

How to Watch the US Open Golf with a TV Antenna?

Are you able to watch it with your antenna? The answer is a big YES. NBC is going to helm the coverage. If you are living nearby the NBC tower, you are in luck. As long as your area is within the tower of the channel, you will have the eligibility to watch us open golf. Purchasing Antenna is a relatively modest investment since you can use it for many years in the future. THe good quality ones should not cost more than $50.

2021 US Open Championship live from Social Media

While the Social media sites might not be providing the full coverage of the U.S. Open, you can rely on the official pages to fetch essential updates, news, live scores, and more. Most of the times, the officials also post some clips to inform the results of the matches briefly.

So you can like, Follow or Subscribe US Open Championship Official pages Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Youtube Channel to get live scores and more.

Everything you need to know about U.S. Open Golf 2021

U.S. Open Golf 2021 Prize Money

From June 17 to June 20, we are going to witness one of the most significant championships on earth. The total purse is $12.5 million, which is the largest prize pool amongst all of the Golf’s competition.

U.S. Open Course layout & field

The layout of Torrey Pines Golf Course is fantastic. The field is not only beautiful but also challenging for all the golfers.

Who won the 2020 U.S. Open golf?

The previous winner was Bryson DeChambeau.

How many players are in the U.S. Open golf?

Hundreds of participants will compete in the U.S. Open. The list will be too long to jot down on this page. Instead, you could see the complete list of players in the official site of the US Open. Here is the link:

Is Tiger Woods in 2021 US Open Golf?

Consider checking players as well at

How many the US Opens at Torrey Pines Golf Course?

Torrey Pines Golf Course has hosted the US Open Golf 8 times. United States Golf Association announced that Winged Foot Golf Club would host the 121th U.S. Open in 2021. With its nine times.

How to get US Open Golf Tickets 2021?

The U.S. Open tickets have been available for a while now. There might be ticket price rising depending on the demands and supplies. Either way, you must reserve your seats as soon as possible. Grab your tickets now at the official site of the U.S. Open Golf.

There are a lot of ways to make yourself in the US Open 2021 festivity. Tag along your companion to come at the venue. Or else, you could witness the thrilling moments from your devices. The choice is yours. Good luck