The Enthusiastic Fans Will See The US Open Spectacle at Winged Foot

The fans have been optimistic to expect the US Open to take place at the Winged Foot in a few months. But this optimism is there for a reason. It is because the USGA director has been also optimistic to stage the 2020 US Open at the Winged Foot.

US Open Golf 2020 at Winged Foot

But of course, during this pandemic, all of the great movements will come with precautions. The officials call this practice “cautiously optimistic”. John Bodenhamer, the Senior Managing Director of Championships for the USGA stated that people must take the pandemic into consideration seriously. Since there are 10 USGA championship cancelations, it leaves the USGA with only four championships such as US Open, US Women’s Open, US Amateur, as well as the US Women’s Amateur.

If you’re also an avid golf fan, you don’t want to afford missing these events from happening. Back then on Friday, he mentioned two keywords which lead to this post title “optimistic”, and “cautiously”. Bodenhamer also added that the officials had been working on the best strategies to keep the show going on without jeopardizing the wellness of the participants and audiences.

We all know that Westchester County and New York City are the epicenter of the pandemic. Therefore, the most sensible decision from the officials was to postpone the main event. But rest assured that you only need to wait for a few months until the premier event takes place on September 17-20.

Bodenhamer stated the other keyword “agonizing” to describe the officials decision of postponing the events. And some of the events should be cancelled as well. For him, it had been agonizing to cancel those important events. But he added that the health and safety had been the paramount consideration. Obviously, no one wants to get positive after attending the prime event in the golf sport.

As we know, the local qualifying is important to fill the half of the 156-player field event participants. Since the cancellation of the qualifying rounds at Winged Foot, the officials have to strategize to make up for the loss. The answer is the widened exemptions.

What kinds of exemptions? At this point, we still don’t know what kind of exemptions that the officials will conduct. Bodenhamer stated that the green decision would happen in the next few weeks. So, I guess we just need to wait for more words from the officials in a few weeks. We will update the information immediately after receiving the confirmed stories.