Tiger Woods Shared His Thought About U.S. Open

There has been some heat going on in the USGA and Tiger Woods said that it could be a bad U.S. Open Setups. Folks had captured some disagreements of Tiger Woods with the USGA.

Tiger Woods

But he tended to encourage folks to play well with it. He indeed didn’t agree with some of the times when the USGA moved the tees up and changed the golf course. He wondered why the officials moved the setup at 14 in 08 back then.

If you have been the golf fan for years, you might have asked the same question. Why bother to change it? Meanwhile, Woods preferred a more conventional way of U.S. Open setup. That means the punch-outs punish the off-line shots.

Tiger Woods struggled late to fall out of contention in the Round 3 at Memorial.

Back then, we could agree that the time was, and it became somewhat tricky to make the decision. Woods tried to bring in more options off the tees or to the greens.

He emphasized that Open has changed. He thought that it was just a close gap. Now there are chipping areas around the greens. USGA seemed to make the Open different from the previous years, which is not probably a good option for the older players.

Tiger Woods nodded that he was more excited with the high rough and narrow fairways.

Woods was the latest prominent to share his thought about the USGA’s setups. This year’s edition is indeed in high-stakes. Back then, we also heard the bad news about the weather. Well, it is indeed true that rain can rule the event. That is the only ruler that the officials have. If there is no rain to govern the game, there is no way to control the officials.

Woods said that after Saturday’s round, he had no chance to win. Tiger preferred high rough and narrow fairways for the U.S. Open Setup.

In the sporting world like this, it is not surprising that the professionals predict the potential pitfalls for the U.S. Open course setup. It has become a tradition that the players send their critiques, suggestions, or comments to the USGA.

Therefore, we could agree that one of the concerns is the increased use of flexible teeing grounds. The U.S. Open is different strategically and in appearance. But we should follow it through to see the result.

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