The Cancellation of the US Open Golf 2020 Qualifying at Winged Foot – Here’s How USGA Would Make Up for It

AS you’ve all probably known, USGA has cancelled the qualifying for the 2020 US Open and other three events due to the inevitable pandemic events.

US Open Golf 2020 Qualifying

Well, it sounds so bad for the events expectants themselves. But it does not mean that the organizers cancelled the actual US Open Golf 2020 Event. So, if you have been expecting for this show to happen, you can rest assured that you will be able to watch your favorite golfers in action at the US Open Golf 2020.

It is important to know that the US Open is still more than three months away. But recently the USGA announced that the tournament will be different. The organizers have cancelled the qualifying which would take place at the Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York.

The qualifying is the core thing before the main tournament. And it usually happens months in advance of the main event to take place. But due to the pandemic, all of the involved parties will break the habit in the 2020 competition. It is true that the upcoming US Open event won’t be the same again like the previous versions.

The organizers won’t see the events take place including the qualifiers including the US Open, US Women’s Open, US Women’s Amateru, as well as US Amateur. All of the responsible parties won’t take the risks by holding such great events during the pandemic.

It has been confirmed that it can be one of the most difficult decisions ever made by the officials. USGA managing director John Bodenhamer stated their difficulties to announce this challenge to the big fans of the golf sport. The cancellation of the qualifying at the Winged Foot Club does not stop the organizers from striving for great results.

Normally, the qualifying takes place at the local level. The top performers will then move to the sectional level. At this level, there will be more competition. Those who have moved to the sectional qualifiers will make up approximately half of the 156-golfer field at the US Open. Meanwhile, the other half are the automatic qualifying. These are the major winners for the last five year, top sixty golfers in the Tour Championship participants from the year before.

Since the qualifying is cancelled, the USGA will need to make up for the loss of the half of the field. Well, the answer is straightforward. There will be more exemptions. The officials confirmed that the funnel will be widened. Anyway, for the moment, we are still waiting for the next information about the expanded exemption categories.

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