Tiger Woods Has Never Stopped to Equip Himself

The US Open is getting closer and closer. But as we can see, Tiger Woods is still looking for his very game. In this case, Tiger Woods finished 63rd in the FedEx Cup standings.

Tiger Woods

He will finish the s19-20 season at BMW Championship. But he failed to qualify for the Tour Championship. With this result, it would be impossible to attain the $45 bonus money in FedEx.

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In the date which is around the corner, experts have noticed that it could take to put it all together in time for the US OPEN in fortnight. Over the past seven weeks, Woods was never really able to manage in the 16 tournament rounds. He is still struggling to get to the final round.

If you follow the BMW Championship, you’d agree that there were some slits and chances that Tiger Woods can actually use to make his results much better. Jon Rahm made a mistake back then. But he still won the BMW Championship. Woods himself stated that he certainly hadn’t put as well as he would have liked. And when the scores in the BMW Championship were that low, Woods thought that he needed to shoot the low scores he needed to.

From the views of the experts, there are some issues which need to be explored. Woods might not have the ability to birdie a single par-5 hole at the Olympia Fields.

He mastered those holes and often became the lead. He usually finished at the top 5 in par-5 scoring leaders. But it was more significant when he was in prime condition back then.

Single par-5 hole will be the homework. It is 600 yards. But it seems that Woods was not attracted to it. He couldn’t get the drive to the fairway. Instead, he went for the green in 2. Then he couldn’t hit the long iron approach to the green. Not to mention that he hit poor wedge shots as he conducted the layup technique. But the other time, you will see that he hit poor shots from the greenside bunkers. In a nutshell he could not get the putt.

He has played for over a fortnight. But the 6-shot swing is impossible to handle. It would be impossible because the course yields few birdie opportunities. Woods have been resilient in what he does. Although the fans might be concerned about the statistics, Woods did well at BMW. Obviously, there is always the chance for the respective golfer.