Rahm Proceeds with US Open Preparation after Tested Positive

Jon Rahm of Spain has been on the right track to prepare for the 2021 US Open.

On June 15, he hit from the seventh tee during the intense practice at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego.

For the professional golfer, the hard part was first to walk off the course with the six-shot lead. He had tested positive for the Covid-19. That was also a huge setback that many fans have been worrying about the respective golfer.


After he went through the challenges from the Covid, he would take the focus on the course to set it up for the 2021 US Open Golf. With such a challenge, it would affect him and his entire family.

Rahm claimed that it was the hard parts that he would need to face about the virus. Rahm also added that whatever happened on the golf course was secondary in his mind.

After going through such a challenge, Rahm was determined to get his focus back on the golf sport.

Since being announced as positive, he hasn’t played in the third round of the Memorial. The player has such outstanding records in the Torrey Pines. That was also the place where he crowned himself as the winner of the PGA Tour four years ago. In the same year, he also proposed to his wife and the hiking trails near the North Course location.

In front of the reporters, he also proclaimed that he was ready to play the perfect golf game again. He believed that he could play at a high level of performance.

As his positive test came up, there was some controversy afterwards. The backlash came from the concerned community, who realized that Rahm was tested positive but decided to continue when the PGA Tour Officials gave a green light about the vaccination rate.

Rahm had his reaction to the backlash. He stated that those folks shouldn’t criticize the PGA Tour. All realized that the pandemic situation is inevitable. So, PGA Tour officials did their best to be compliant with the CDC rules.

A year ago at the Memorial, Rahm won the tournament and moved to the no.1 world. However, that moment was pretty odd.

Back on June 5, Rahm must also deal with the bad news. The PGA Tour officials informed that the positive test result was there.

But Rahm has a big heart to put everything behind him. Therefore, he will want to prepare for a course that will be more challenging than the previous PGA Tour.

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