What People Say About Shinnecock’s Traffic

Tiger Woods said a lot of things about the upcoming big golf event namely US Open 2018. Amongst the factors that he’s been speaking of, he said something about the Shinnecock’s traffic. He said that the traffic was so bad that players might miss the tee times.

Shinnecock’s Traffic

What Tiger Woods said about the traffic is not exaggerating at all. However, you shouldn’t see this as a big problem because the crew will be doing the best to overcome the traffic nightmare.

Woods, in the other side, stated the risk to be a bit late. There were few guys who did activities there said that it took around 2 1/2 to 3 hours from the hotel to the Shinnecock field. If that happens in the US Open Golf days, then there will be a chance that many players are missing their tee time. Not to mention that the traffic can affect the player’s moods and motivation. Well, if you are playing for the big event, and there is this traffic that prevents you from arriving in time, you might be frustrated too.

Back then in the two practice days at the Shinnecock Hills, the traffic has dominated the tournament conversation between the participants and people around. Well, the players are not the only side who are at risks. What we’ve seen in the social media is that many people are complaining about the Long Island logistics.

There are many parties who are concerning this condition, including the attendances, media, fans, and crowd. The parkways have turned into the parking lots. Those who are in the inside the Magellan on side roads have reported that they had failed expeditions. In the early mornings, however, the traffic is not so bad. So, if you are planning to attend the venue to watch your favorite golfer in action, you could consider waking up earlier and arriving earlier.

The current weekdays, people are calling in the Shinnecock staff and look for the insiders’ information. Most of them are discussing the same topic: the traffic to Shinnecock. People have been asking about whether there was an accident. Apparently, there was none. It is just the crowded traffic. The Southampton Town police officer has also been receiving the similar phone from the folks. Some folks who were commuting to work gave up and went home. Well, you can imagine how can it worsen when the event is happening. So, again, we note that it is very important to wake up earlier and hit the road early in the morning if you don’t want to miss the spectacle at Shinnecock Hills.

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Although the local authority has confirmed that the area surrounding Southampton will be cleared for the event, you cannot exclude the possibility of the traffic jam. You might not be from Southampton. You might be from other city. So, it is very important to come days or hours in advance.

If you have booked a hotel and stay nearby the Southampton, you are ahead of other people. You will be able to avoid the craziness on the “H” day. You might be difficult in finding ride-sharing service because a bunch of folks will use their favorite apps to get the transportation. if you want to do that, make sure you contact your driver early in the morning.

To avoid the traffic nightmares, Woods stated that he was going to use his yacht to come. He called his yacht as a dinghy, while the size is not small at all. His privacy would be docked in nearby Sag Harbor this week. This is to avoid the traffic jam that may happen sooner than later. Tiger confirmed during his US Open press conference that Privacy is indeed docked in the Sag Harbor. He said that Sag Harbor was a cute little town.

Woods stated that he did not have enough time to walk around the town. With the privacy and luxury of the youth, it can be the biggest advantage of Woods. It is undeniable that Long Island developers have been rushing to develop the hotels and infrastructure to accommodate the upcoming event. Media members are often complaining about the travel and accommodations. That is not a new thing anymore. Some folks may stall over 3 hours. So, make sure you have a plan not to miss the spectacle.

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